Toria Sheffield
August 03, 2017 7:21 am

It’s no secret that women’s bodies are under constant, almost punishing scrutiny. Articles about how to “tone,” “trim,” and “firm” assault our news feeds on a literal daily basis. Which is why we are SO GLAD that the internet is clapping back about a recent NY Post article that claimed, “Boobs are back in style in a big way.” (That’s right…boobs…as in the 100% naturally occurring body part).

For context, the piece claimed that less curvy bodies had been in vogue in recent years, citing stars like Cara Delevingne as the previous “ideal.” Now, however, the author asserts that “bountiful boobs are back in style.” Hmmm…we didn’t realize a literal body part could go out of style, regardless of size, TBH.

And thankfully, the good people of the internet were just as outraged and confused.

Many even used it as an opportunity to make some pretty solid jokes.

Let’s be clear about one thing: Body parts should never be considered in or out of vogue. They are not bangs, or bracelets, or peasant tops. They are a naturally occurring part of biology that we have literally zero control over. This is the equivalent of saying, “hands are back in!”

Furthermore this line of thinking does a ton of harm to women. In a world where we must already work so hard to tune out unrealistic (and often, unhealthy) standards of beauty, this kind of thing only adds to the noise.

So basically, love you breasts — big, small, not there at all due to health-related circumstance, and anything and everything in between. And let’s all collectively try to forget this ever happened.