Milly Smith body photos
Credit: Milly Smith /

Sometimes self-love is hard. It’s easy to look at what you see on social media and make damaging comparisons between yourself and photos online. That’s why a self-described “body positive badass momma” took to Instagram to remind us that it’s easy to manipulate body photos for social media, so we shouldn’t compare ourselves to people we don’t know — or anyone, for that matter.

Milly Smith, who has more than 140,000 followers on her self-love-centered, body-positive Instagram account, posted two side-by-side photos on the social platform. In one, she wears a pair of black tights pulled up to her waist, and is posing for the camera while flexing her muscles. In the other, she stands relaxed, wearing a pair of black panties.

The side-by-side body photos send a strong message of self-love, reminding us that when it comes to social media, all is not what it seems.

Let’s take Smith’s words to heart today: Any time we worry that our natural, real selves don’t hold up to what we see on the internet is precious time wasted. We’re all too exceptional for that.