Gina Florio
Updated Mar 21, 2017 @ 11:18 am
Credit: Amanda Bucci /

Many of us look to Instagram fitness accounts for inspiration when we’re feeling a bit lazy. Amanda Bucci is a personality on Instagram that nearly half a million people get their workout motivation from, and her latest fitness post about a “bad” angle is teaching us a lot about self-acceptance and social media.

A couple days ago at the gym, Amanda posted two photos side-by-side in which her body looks completely different. She seems super fit in the photo on the right, which she labeled “good angle / posed,” but the one on the left doesn’t look as great as what you might see on the rest of her profile. Amanda labeled this one “bad angle / relaxed.”

It’s amazing to think that’s the same person since her body looks so different. But that’s exactly what Amanda was going for — she wanted her followers to know that many fitness Instagram stars use certain angles to make themselves look their very best.

However, she posted again the next day saying she was mistaken to use the word “bad” to describe her photo on the left. She wanted to “clarify something” with this new fitness picture, because she doesn’t want people to misunderstand what she meant by posting a “bad angle.”

“As much as in my head I though ‘oh, this is a bad angle for me,’ to someone else, they might not view it the way,” Amanda said. She then reminds everyone how important language is when we’re talking about our bodies, saying we should all “be more careful on the message we’re sending.”

We think it’s very cool of Amanda to be so open about her fitness journey while also being conscious of how her pictures affect people who see them. She just wants everyone to be more confident in their own skin — and that’s a message we can totally get behind.