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February is almost over, which means you no longer have a “I’ll start in the new year,” excuse when it comes to not working out. In order to kick start your exercise regiment, we’ve found 15 Instagram fitness accounts that scream inspiration.

Getting into the workout mentality is hard, so why not get a little help? We’re always fans of buying new workout clothes, but this time we’re focusing on actual exercises. It’s super easy to just hit the little follow button on the following insta-stars, so overtime they pop up in your feed, it’s like “Oh yeah, I should go to yoga.”

1Simone De La Rue (@bodysbysimone)

Have you ever wanted to look like a celebrity? Well, Simone De La Rue is the trainer to stars like Chrissy Teigen and Emily Blunt, so she is definitely on the top of our “must follow” list. The celebrity trainer has classes called Body By Simone in Los Angeles, New York City and London, but she also has online workouts!

2Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl)

Say hello to your new favorite yoga instructor! Rachel Brathen takes her yoga skills on the go by attending different yoga retreats and posting tutorials on her Insta and She’s currently pregnant and still spreading her yoga knowledge day after day, from one beautiful spot or another.

3Elisabeth Akinwale (@eakinwale)

If you get bored easily, you need help from Elisabeth Akinwale. She is a CrossFit athlete and trainer who loves to change her daily fitness regiment. She lifts weights, does gymnastics, works on her core, and does yoga techniques on social media. It’s a one-stop shop.

4Mary Helen Bowers (@balletbeautiful)

We’re kind of obsessed with Mary Helen Bowers. The mother of two is a professional ballerina who created Beautiful Ballerina fitness that uses barre techniques to train and teach workouts both in NYC and online. Every little girl wanted to be a ballerina and now, with Bowers help, you can be!

5Lauren & Kelly Collins (@siss_fit)

What’s better than one workout guru? Two sisters, who teach together, duh! Lauren and Kelly Collins are California natives who together make up SISSFiT. SISSFiT is all about making your workouts fit into your day and not the other way around. The ladies have quick workouts on social media that can be done anywhere, in addition to 35 minute workouts on their site. Plus, they have SO many sunny photos to inspire you to take your routine outdoors.

6Jeannette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins)

Jeannette Jenkins is a total pro. She has been a personal trainer for 25 years, and frequently works with celebrities. On her Instagram account she shares all types of routines AND food recipes. Plus, she tests her followers with ab challenges and running challenges to keep things fresh.

7Faya (@fitnessontoast)

If you love both fashion and health, Faya is your girl. The Swedish fitness blogger shares healthy recipes, workout plans, and where to buy her looks on her site and on social media. She is pretty much living our dream life and therefore we can’t stop scrolling her feed.

8Tanya Poppet (@tanyapoppet)

This Australian trainer exudes confidence in her posts and we love it. Tanya Poppet is a fierce trainer who uses her Instagram account to share all kinds of exercise tips and routines. She does everything from running and boxing to yoga and rope training. The coolest part is that Poppet usually does her workouts without any equipment.

9Cassey Ho (@blogilaties)

Want to try something different? Try one of Cassey Ho’s POP Pilates workouts. POP Pilates is a different spin on pilates by using pop music throughout the workouts. You can find tons of exercises on Ho’s YouTube channel or on social media.

10Emily Schromm (@emilyschromm)

Emily Schromm is all about CrossFit. The Colorado trainer and nutritionalist loves to use weights, and switch up her in-gym workouts daily. The best part is that when she shares workouts, there are videos, as well as written instructions with the amount of reps you should do. There are lots of mini-routines to spice up your daily routine.

11Karena & Katrina (@toneitup)

BFFs Karena and Katrina are all about being healthy and looking good. The two friends have created a workout empire called Tone It Up, with at-home workouts, food ideas, and overall tips to healthy living. They have programs like the 7 Day Slim Down, and all kinds of exercises to keep you challenged.

12Jennifer Nash Forrester (@jenniferforrester)

Jennifer Nash Forrester is all about keeping your body toned and fit while living your life. The former half of @TwoBadBodies has created her own workout and how-to guides, while having a baby. She is the ultimate momspiration.

13Chelsey Korus (@chelseykorus)

This is definitely another yogi that you should start following. Chelsey Korus posts videos almost every day showing off her latest yoga poses. She also posts videos from her classes on Yoga Glo, which are not only good for your body, but good for your soul.

14Amanda Bisk (@amandabisk)

Another Aussie, another fitness guru to watch. Amanda Bisk is a former pole vaulter, which means flexibility and strength are her favorite things. She uses her account to show off great workouts for everything from yoga, and strength training, to core and arm exercises. Plus, her adorable dog makes appearance in a lot of her videos.

15Jen Selter (@jenselter)

Want a Kim Kardashian butt? This is the account for you! Jen Selter is the girl to watch if you’re all about your bum. She shares easy butt toning exercises on her Insta that will make your butt one heck of an asset.

Which fitness Instagram will you follow first?