Emily Baines
Updated Jul 27, 2016 @ 2:30 pm
Credit: Instagram

As someone who suffers from a depression and anxiety, it’s incredibly upsetting when I see mental illness stigmatized in society. More and more, however, artists are speaking out against the stigma of mental illness and attempting to educate those who can’t comprehend what it feels like to suffer from a mental illness. After all, millions of Americans suffer from mental health issues. We should be more tolerant.

This is the message that graphic designer Jessica Walsh, who has suffered from depression and mental health issues such as eating disorders, hopes to spread with her new Instagram project Lets Talk About Mental Health. With currently over 10,000 followers, the project continues to spread understanding for mental illness.

Below are some of Let’s Talk About Mental Health’s most moving (IMHO) Instagrams

Seriously, let’s talk.

We’ve all been there.

#Truth could be the hashtag for all of these pictures.

We feel you.

We want to hold that hand.

We are all love addicts.

Please don’t forget, you’re not alone.

It’s a terrible carousel ride.

Pets can be a true comfort.

Love can heal everything.

Finally, an Instagram account that gets it.