Virtual reality is rising in popularity. From video games to shopping, the latest form of technology is helping to make everyday tasks that much easier and convenient for us. But the field’s latest venture could be tackling a big task: helping to get more elderly folks moving through exercise.

How? Well, according to Huffington Post, a new research project out of Aalborg University in Denmark, is using virtual reality to transform exercise from a bore to a “digital experience” for the elderly. Jon Ram Bruun-Pedersen of the Multisensory Experience Lab in the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology at Aalborg University Copenhagen told HuffPo:

The speed that the participants biked were reflected in the speed that they navigated through the landscape on the screens. From there, the elderly were fitted with virtual reality goggles to bring the digital illusions to life.

The results from this experiment were positive, showing Bruun-Pedersen and his team that they are on to something beneficial. With a little help from technology, we could be on our way to establishing healthy exercise habits, no matter what age.