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Like most female celebs, Hilaria Baldwin is not new to the world of nasty comments and constant hate. It’s an unfortunate truth that to be a woman in the public eye means dealing with a whole lotta body-shaming and judgment, but she’s handled it like the QUEEN she is. Just recently the yoga-lover and wife of Alec Baldwin brushed off her ~haters~ with a simple selfie, and we’re so here for it.

The mom posted a super cute photo of herself and her baby on Instagram, saying,

The selfie was a followup to a lengthy letter she posted to Instagram. Sick of all the ridiculous hate, she wrote,

She continued,

She’s dealt with a bizarre amount of hate as a result of her openness about both her pregnancy and post-pregnancy body. People have said she looks too perfect, that she doesn’t look good enough, and even that she’s somehow not paying enough attention to her baby because she’s taking time to work out and take care of herself. Like, what?! We’ve got your back, Baldwin!