Credit: runlikeahijabi/Instagram

We need to talk about the fiercely beautiful athlete on the cover of this month’s issue of Women’s Running, a health and fitness magazine that has been published since 2004.

Credit: Women's Running Magazine

Rahaf Khatib is the first hijabi to be featured on the magazine’s cover! Plus, Khatib is a total badass — having competed in two triathlons, six marathons, and who knows how many half marathons, all while wearing her hijab. Plus, she is the mom of three kids — so she is killin’ it.

Rahaf spoke to Women’s Running about the comments she frequently hears as a hijabi athlete, as well as her perfect responses to them:

Rahaf began running in 2012 when she got bored with the classes offered at the gym, and she spoke to the magazine about her hope that more Muslim hijabi women will take up the exercise, too.

Slay, Rahaf.