QALO Launches Stackables Collection With Karena and Katrina From Tone It and Audrina Patridge
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When I see the words “workout class” and “8:30 a.m.,” my instinct is to immediately start reading something else. The only thing that could get me out of bed that early in the morning to exercise is Audrina Patridge. I live in LA, so I will shamelessly jump at the opportunity to do anything if a celebrity is doing it.

When I heard that QALO (an alternative wedding ring accessory brand) was hosting an event with the wildly popular Tone It Up fitness gurus — Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott — and my fave The Hills star, I knew I had to be part of this exercise class. Even if it meant sweating and running out of breath before my morning coffee, I had to be there.

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I must admit that I was not the perfect candidate for this fitness event because not only am I extremely out of shape (I huff and puff when I walk up one flight of stairs in my apartment), but I also really, really hate sweating. Yes, I’m a diva. Starting my day with smelly armpits, hair out place, and my face as red as a tomato is just not my idea of fun.

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Still, I went into this exercise class with excitement. Because, who doesn’t want to do butt lifts next to a celeb you’ve been crushing on since high school? Before the Tone It Up girls worked out our booties, the event started with our choice of QALO’s new stackable rings. Of course, I went for all the pink rings I could fit on one finger. After accessorizing, we kicked things into high gear with lunges, jumping jacks, and cardio.

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The coolest thing, though, is that Katrina Scott shared one of her new yoga moves that incorporates booty toning. She told us she invented this routine, so it was pretty amazing and inspiring to try something completely new. For example, Katrina’s moves involved doing the downward facing dog and we would jump into a lunge and so forth. Then, we’d get into warrior’s pose and do lunges there, too. Or we would kick our legs back from downward facing dog and pulse. Let me just say, I really felt like I was going to have a Kardashian butt by the end of it.

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After our intense workout (well, intense for me because I haven’t exercised since Thanksgiving), we were treated to an array of juices, protein popsicles, and nutritional bars.

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But the best part about the entire event — aside from learning moves that could potentially give me a J.Lo booty — was that it was really empowering to workout with such strong women (literally and figuratively), especially on a day like International Women’s Day. It was truly moving, and at one point, we took a moment to just meditate and really reflect on ourselves.

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I will say that if you’re like me, and just can’t find the time to exercise after a long day of work, or if you’re a little intimidated to start working out, we spoke to the Tone It Up girls about finding that motivation. They also shared their fave song to exercise to, so maybe all it takes is a little bit of soulful music to get our gears going!

Credit: Alyssa Morin / Hello Giggles

Hello Giggles: What is it like being part of the QALO’s new stackable rings launch?

Katrina Scott: We’ve been obsessed with them for a long time because we’re so active — whether we’re hiking, boxing, doing yoga, hot yoga, or any type of action sports. When we discovered we could actually wear our rings when we workout, it was really great.

Karena Dawn: Before I even got married and discovered QALO, my husband was like we gotta get these rings because we’re so active. Then, we partnered with QALO. It’s amazing and we love it.

HG: Where should someone who is intimidated about exercising start when it comes to fitness?

KS: The biggest thing is to start somewhere. If you are intimidated, or if there’s a studio you’ve been wanting to try, find someone to do it with you. It will give you the confidence to walk into a new place.

HG: How can someone who is always busy find a way to work fitness in?

KD: Women are very busy, from work, taking care of family, and just everyday life. So for us, we have a calendar where we write out our workouts and actually schedule it in. Waking up even 30 mins or 60 mins early, if you have the time, to get that workout in is so important. We always say that taking care of yourself is number one. Never feel bad for taking the time for yourself. It’s so important.

HG: What is your favorite song to workout to?

KD: I would say anything Beyoncé right now.

KS: I am super vibing with Nicolas Jaar right now. I’ve just been turning on that station on Pandora and just doing yoga flows and mixing in some booty and abs. It’s very soulful.

If you wanna get your accessorizing on while you workout, check out QALO’s new stackable rings ($11.95 each). In the meantime, I’ll be listening to Beyoncé like the Tone It Up girls to keep me motivated and in the right mindset for the rest of this week.