Anna Gragert
Updated Jun 09, 2016 @ 6:02 pm
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Summer is fast-approaching! That means more sunshine and… more ingrown hairs. As we prepare to hit the beach in our favorite swimsuits, many of us may feel compelled to take care of the hair down there. Sadly, this can cause ingrown hairs to want to come along for the ride. Here’s why…

Yes, ingrown hairs can pop up wherever there’s hair on the body, but they tend to crowd around the bikini area for a specific reason. That’s because the follicles down there are oval-shaped, which is what ends up making pubic hair curly. The other hair follicles on our bodies (such as those on our head) take on a different shape so straighter hair can be produced.

Credit: Shutterstock

According to Stuff Mom Never Told You, shaving or not exfoliating down there can mean bad news for our pubic hair. If you’re using a razor down there or if there’s a dead skin cell pileup (because you haven’t been exfoliating), then that essentially blocks a pubic hair from developing as it normally would. As a result, the hair begins to grow and curl underneath the surface.

Since little to no pubic hair has become the societal standard of our time, it’s safe to assume that more women than ever are dealing with ingrown hairs. One study states that over one-third of women who regularly remove their pubic hair also reported ingrown hairs.

To cope with this conundrum, there are plenty of steps you could take. If letting your pubic hair grow out isn’t your cup of tea (which is totally okay), then here are some doctor-recommended tips:

– Trim your hair first.

– Soak in a warm shower or bath before shaving down there.

– Instead of using soap, use shaving cream.

– Use a fresh razor.

– Shave in the direction your pubic hair is growing – not against it.

– Do not overstretch your skin.

– Most importantly, don’t forget to exfoliate!

Here’s to happy, healthy pubic hair!