Credit: Max & Vera

As a huge fan of healing crystals since first discovering my passion for them back in 2016, I like to think that my collection of gemstones has magical powers that go beyond what the (lack of) science suggests. Because although you could theoretically brush healing crystals off as either a fad or even worse, Instagram background candy, I’m a full-on believer in their power. For example, if I’m feeling extra sad, I’ll toss a piece of rose quartz in my bra, or if I’m a little bit angry, maybe some blue lace agate, too. (Here, how to choose the best healing crystals for your needs.)

But the problem is that because of the rather cumbersome nature of many stones and rocks—not to mention my cleavage—they don’t exactly stay put against my chest. I’ve had a piece of focus-boosting fluorite fly out of my sports bra during a Vinyasa flow, and have heard the shattering of one too many pieces of rose quartz hitting the floor when I change out of my clothes for the day.

So clearly, I was thrilled to learn about California-based lingerie brand Max & Vera, who has literally changed my wearable healing crystal game.

They offer several different bra styles, including bralettes that feature either a hanging crystal pendant in front—almost like jewelry! In the case of their Intentions Sports Bra, the crystal of your choosing is actually tucked inside the bra in a nifty little snappable pouch.

There are a slew of different crystals paired with different styles on the sites, including stones like meditative kyanite, protective smoky quartz, and the one I chose, negativity-banishing rainbow aura quartz. According to Max & Vera, “rainbow aura activates all the energy centers in the body and is particularly supportive for those in dysfunctional relationships, helping to release negative emotions.” I can attest: Just looking at a piece of rainbow aura quartz will make you happier—it’s like the unicorn of healing crystals. (And Max & Vera packs some white sage with each order, so you can cleanse and charge the healing crystal and the garment before actually wearing it.)

As for the bra itself, at $68, it paralleled the cost that I would generally pay for a high-quality sports bra, and I was pleasantly surprised when I put it on. As someone with a size 34D chest, sports bras aren’t the easiest purchase for me—especially in the basic S/M/L sizing that most are reduced to. But my breasts were totally encapsulated into the compression-style bra, somewhat of a rarity itself. And the sheer mesh strip between the girls proved to be a serious bonus point for breathability—I noticed how much cooler I was during sweaty workouts. Unlike most other compression-style bras on the current market, the straps didn’t dig into my shoulders, and the band around my ribs never even remotely chafed—score!

So perhaps you could argue that the reason my first workout in my crystal sports bra—a hot Vinyasa class—went so well was simply because the bra fit so comfortably. But I’m convinced the rainbow aura quartz played a part in helping me nail every pose. (Well, almost every pose.)

My balance was better than it usually is. I was able to hold certain stances way longer than normal, and most excitedly, I even got up for a few full seconds of crow pose. As a healing-crystal believer, I credit my astute yogic performance to the rainbow aura, which I think helped to minimize the overthinking I tend to do in balance poses, essentially helping my own dysfunctional relationship with…myself. Oh, and thanks to that little pocket, my crystal stayed put and I barely knew it was there.

But hey, even if you’re not totally convinced of their healing powers, the placebo effect proves that if you simply *think* the crystals are going to boost your workout, they probably will. Plus, it never hurts to have another comfy, supportive, and sexy black bra in your workout arsenal.

This article originally appeared on Shape.