Scarlet Meyer
Updated February 18, 2017
Naomi August/Unsplash

Mental illness is really tough, and it affects so many people in the world around us. What can be even more challenging than the illnesses themselves are the ways in which they’ve been stigmatized. Because it is so stigmatized, it isn’t always talked about enough, which can be incredibly difficult for people who have mental illnesses. It can also be tough for people who love people with mental illnesses. This is especially hard for children of people who deal with mental illness. How do you deal with mental illness when it’s not your own, but your parent’s?

In whom can you confide? Who can you turn to?

Read the following 23 true confessions from children who have been dealing with parents fighting mental illness. See how everyone copes and deals when the person who raised them is struggling to be okay. Courtesy of Whisper.

Mental health is an incredibly important thing. Although it can be heartbreaking to read these confessions, the important thing to remember is that the children in these stories know that they need to put themselves first. It can be easy to feel like you need to take care of a parent or loved one who is dealing with a mental illness. What we need to remember is to always take care of ourselves first. It is okay to put your own safety and recovery first, no matter how much love you have for the person dealing with illness.