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Just so you know, being a mermaid ain’t easy. Yeah, they’re glamorous, have the best of both worlds and we’ve basically wanted to be mermaids since seeing Darryl Hannah in ’80s classic rom-com Splash. But mermaids don’t simply wake up like this. Just ask these guys who tried the mermaid workout and failed spectacularly. Seriously, if Channing Tatum thinks playing a merman will be a breeze, he’s got another thing coming.

Thanks to this hilarious video from Cosmo, we now have a new respect for the seemingly dreamy mermaid fitness class, but NAH: This shit is hard AF. Watching this group of would-be mermen struggle through an intense series of underwater squats, tail tuck jumps, side swims and tricep noodle presses makes it clear that mermaids have to work insanely hard to keep those curvaceous tails in tip-top condition.

Oof. And you thought all mermaids did was look flawless underwater and rock seashell bras.