Credit: Pedro M Flores Jr. /

We’re always wanting more, more, more of the body-positive movement. We’re loving all the amazing women – from Tess Holliday to Iskra Lawrence – who have stepped up to shout body-positive messages from the rooftops. Another powerhouse is Megan Jayne Crabbe (a woman you should definitely be following on Insta), also known as bodyposipanda. She’s got her own kick-ass blog and the kind of social media accounts you could flip through for hours and not get bored.

She’s recently posted a pic on her Instagram reminding us that women aren’t the only ones who benefit from body-positive dialogue. She shared a photo and some honest words from Pedro M Flores, Jr., a self-proclaimed fat feminist (and father of two!), who is embracing his body type in a boldly beautiful way.

“LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS! Because us big guys need some bopo loving too! Definitely feeling myself!”

He says that being fat was never a health issue for him. The only real problems were getting bullied by people who had nothing else better to do than be mean. When he actually saw his health decline was when he lost all the weight.

“I think I actually got sick when I lost the weight. I dropped down to 164lbs my senior year of high school. I was anorexic, bulimic, suffered from bad anxiety, depression and lack of self esteem/confidence.”

But Pedro changed his perspective on life, gained some healthy weight back, and is now happier than ever. He says he’s “finally found [his] true self.” That’s definitely worth celebrating.

“Currently, I may not be skinny, thin or ‘fit’ or buff but why get a six pack when you can party with a keg? It’s who I am & IDGAF what others may think or say about me or my views because I’m happy with myself now.”

Sounds pretty awesome to us! Thanks, Megan, for sharing this gorgeous man with the world.