yoga pants
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A wonderful part of adulting is that everyone gets to make fashion choices that suit them. Sadly, not all grownups want to play fair, like this one guy who wrote a letter to a newspaper editor declaring that women shouldn’t wear yoga pants in public. Um, newsflash dude: We don’t actually GAF. Yoga pants happen to be hella comfy to those of who choose to wear them, which is why we’ll continue to do so wherever and whenever we want, dammit.

Published in The Barrington Times, Alan Sorrentino’s letter is rude AF and reads like some unsolicited advice from a sorely out-of-touch, wannabe Miss Manners:

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It gets worse:

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Actually, there’s something bizarre and disturbing about grown ass men who feel the need to critique and police what women wear and point out so-called age-related behavioral faux pas.

Ugh, someone needs to take this guy and the bro who wrote a sexist essay shaming women for wearing yoga pants to work and force them to wear yoga pants in public for the rest of eternity (which would probably be too kind of a punishment).

Maybe then, they’ll be more appreciative of the freedom to make their own choices and less preoccupied with forcing their sexist, ageist beliefs onto others who just want to wear their yoga pants in peace.