Kenya Foy
September 22, 2016 10:04 am
Gabriel Rossi/LatinContent/Getty Images

Attention everyone who immediately stops running outside when the temperature moves half past uncomfortable: Runner Jeff Dougherty captured a year’s worth of running on film that will sufficiently convince you that running doesn’t suck as much as you think.

Shared on The Hyperunner’s YouTube page, Dougherty filmed the “Running the Seasons” video by wearing a GoPro camera on his head as he repeatedly ran the same 5-mile trail throughout the year. The result was a compilation of 98,366 photographs and over 150 miles. The footage reveals stunning views as Dougherty literally sprints through the ever-changing seasons, sunrises and nightfall, and people coming and going.

The Hyperunner /

Seeing the mountains go from sunlit to shaded by clouds and snow was absolutely breathtaking, kind of like the gasping you might experience during a morning run, only not as intense.

Now that we’ve experienced what it’s like to run outside year-round, we’re ready to lace up our kicks and hit the pavement, no matter the weather forecast.