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Halloween is one of our fave holidays. It’s a holiday of dressing up and partying for adults. But for kids, it’s all about just one thing: candy. All parents obviously do whatever they feel is best for their kids’ sweets intake, but Gisele Bündchen’s Halloween candy policy for her kids, Benjamin and Vivian, is one for the books.

PEOPLE Magazine first reported on the former Victoria’s Secret Angel’s surprisingly strict candy rules in her home. A multiyear endorser of the brand, Bündchen made her appearance at the Under Armour Boston Brand House in the Prudential Center on Wednesday night. While there, she chatted with PEOPLE about how she handles her kids’ Halloween haul.

Nope, it’s not candy-dinner all day every day, a la our beloved Kimmy Schmidt and Buddy the Elf. Bündchen’s Halloween candy policy is actually savage AF, in the best way. She literally gave away her and Tom Brady’s kids’ Halloween candy.

While this whole thing sounds a little bit traumatizing to our candy-loving selves, apparently Gisele’s kids don’t mind all that much.

These kids have better self control than I do! But it makes sense – according to the supermodel mama, Benjamin and Vivian just aren’t used to those kinds of sweets around the house. So why would they be craving it? There were actually more interested in helping kids who don’t usually get any candy.

Awww! What a sweet (ha, see what we did there?) pair of kids. We’re sure they hauled a great loot too, with their adorable costumes. Their model mom shared a photo of Benjamin as Mario (with Gisele herself accompanying him as Luigi), and Bündchen mentioned that Vivian dressed up as a pony.

Too cute! We hope the Brady family had a spectacular, candy-free Halloween!