Credit: James Devaney/GC Images

Body shaming is 100% not okay, in any circumstance. Women are courageously fighting back against it, but it helps everyone when celebrities like Amy Schumer, Emma Stone, and Daisy Ridley raise awareness about its brutal, long-term effects.

Gigi Hadid is the latest role model to speak up about body shaming in a podcast with Vogue. During the discussion, she talks about the emotional open letter to body shamers that she posted on Instagram last year.

If you need a refresher, the letter explained how negative comments from strangers on social media are hurtful to Hadid, who is, like everyone else, only human.

She mentioned how she doesn’t have the same body that other models have, but that she’s a confident, hard worker who’s representing “a body image that wasn’t accepted in high fashion anymore.” Most importantly, Hadid spoke in the letter of the desperate need for change and acceptance.

Now in the podcast, Hadid explained her reasoning for the letter.“That was the journal entry that I thought would help people and let people know that they can speak up and defend themselves.” It had a tremendously positive effect, so that was a job well done.

She goes on to emphasize the fact that no one is immune to hurtful comments. “Everyone is affected by the pressures that come from being on social media. We’re all human. I’ll never say that it doesn’t affect me. Sometimes it’s harder than others.”

The fact that Hadid is confident and unapologetic about her body is inspiring for both women and men. “I never didn’t like my body [growing up]. I was very athletic. I was proud of why my body was the way it was … You do everything you can to be healthy and do what makes you feel good and feel happy. That’s just always how I’ve looked at it.”

And for that, we salute Gigi Hadid.