Trilby Beresford
August 31, 2016 7:54 am
Instagram/Gabby Douglas

Just a couple of days ago, we were excited to report on the activities of the women’s gymnastics team at the VMAs. They got to present an award to Beyoncé and snap selfies with Kimye, basically living out all our wildest dreams! But not everyone was there.

Team member Gabby Douglas was noticeably absent due to a medical issue, and finally we have more information about what was going on. 

Gabby posted on Instagram to explain everything. “I had a complication from a prior injury that caused a cyst to grow on a bone in my mouth.”

Yikes! That sounds REALLY painful. But don’t worry, it’s all okay…

“Got it removed and feeling much better now. Thanks for all your concerns and prayers and HUGE thank you to the doctors that have taken care of me the last four days!”

It was super sad that she missed the VMAs, and we especially felt for her after this Instagram post on VMA night.

We’re crazy glad that Gabby is feeling better now and on the road to recovery. This probably goes without saying, but we hope she can join her teammates for some well-deserved fun as soon as possible.

Sending all the healing vibes your way, Gabby!