Credit: Chontel Duncan/Instagram

Chontel Duncan the fitness trainer who went viral with her baby bump Instagram pics is now mama to a beauty 7-month-old baby boy. Recently, Chontel Duncan shared her delivery struggles with the world Like a lot women, Chontel had plans of delivering naturally but things didn’t go as planned. The super fit trainer shared details in an Instagram post, explaining how she felt like she had failed. Poor Duncan has put up with a lot during her pregnancy, huh? She captioned her photo, “I CRIED I felt like I failed…”

Wow, this sounds scary, we definitely had no idea this could happen. Bringing new life into the world is such a beautiful process but it can be so unpredictable.

Many women deal with the feeling of failure after having C-sections, so it’s wonderful that Duncan closed with an inspiration note to all mothers who’ve had a similar experience.

At the end of the day, it’s all worth it though, right? Just look at baby Jeremiah’s sweet little face.

And she’s already for number two, as she wrote in another Instagram post with her newborn.

We’re sending positive vibes to Chontel and all new mommies out there. It’s not easy.