Gina Florio
Updated Feb 22, 2017 @ 5:18 pm

Seeing mothers speak honestly about how their bodies have changed after giving birth is always refreshing, and always welcomed. Our culture often times puts unrealistic pressure on moms to “bounce back” and get back to their pre-baby body weight ASAP. That’s why Australian fitness model and mother Tammy Hembrow posted an untouched photo of what her stomach looks like after pregnancy.

It’s been six months since she gave birth to her second child, and in the photo she’s holding her baby and wearing a t-shirt and leggings. She’s lifted up her shirt so you can see the loose skin on her belly where her baby’s foot it, and she’s anything but embarrassed about it.

“Proud of my mama bod and my loose skin,” she writes. As Tammy proves, having a little bit of loose skin on your body after giving birth to a healthy baby is totally normal and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Instead of trying to hide her stomach or edit it out of the picture, she’s letting all 5.5 million of her Instagram followers see her true self.

This is important because we get so caught up in the idea of changing and altering our bodies after pregnancy, as if it’s the most important thing to do as a mother. Tammy has always been outspoken about her post-baby journey, though, hoping that many other moms out there will follow suit and share their story, because there’s nothing to hide.

She’s gotten a lot of positive feedback from her photos. Other mothers comment about the loose skin on their own bodies, thanking Tammy for her honesty. She may encounter some critics, but Tammy isn’t going to let that slow her down.