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When we hear about regular humans using technology to keep themselves alive, we usually think of science fiction, like Iron Man or even RoboCop. But this inspiring real life fitness model literally lives without a heart, thanks to the marvels of technology:

Professional fitness model Andrew “AJ” Jones describes himself as:

AJ was diagnosed in 2015 with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart muscle thickens without an obvious cause. Until AJ receives his transplant, he lives on a left ventricular assist device, a mechanical pump that transports blood from the lower heart chamber throughout the body just as a healthy heart would.

That’s amazing. Yet, AJ is not letting this keep him from his passion. While he waits for a heart transplant, he continues to work as a model, giving us major #careergoals. If he can keep working without a heart, we can, too.

AJ chronicles his journey on Instagram and on his YouTube channel. Below are some of our favorite of AJ’s Instagrams. We have to admit, AJ looks happy and healthy, regardless of his left ventricular assist device. He’s quite the role model.

AJ greets each day with a smile. We should, too.

A powerful Before and After

We appreciate that AJ uses his story to encourage healthy habits

We have a lot to learn from AJ

Never, ever give up

This Flashback Friday post proves anything is possible

AJ gets personal

Now we have goosebumps

AJ is one of the around 120,000 people currently on the donor waiting list for an organ. AJ’s not only taken to social media to inspire healthy habits, he also formed the organization Hearts At Large to raise awareness for the need of donors and create a network for those in need of donations. Click on the link to learn more. We bow down in awe of AJ, and wish him years of health and happiness!