Jen Juneau
February 22, 2017 10:20 am
Anna Victoria / Instagram

We LOVE when body-positive folks get candid about the smoke and mirrors of social media. And now, another one — Anna Victoria, a freakin’ fitness model — is coming forward about how the right lighting can mask cellulite in any photo.

In a photo posted to her Instagram account, Anna shared two selfies: one in “good lighting” and one in “bad lighting,” wearing the same outfit and posing in the same way, to illustrate the different illusions.

Anna, who has amassed an impressive 1.3 million Instagram followers, went on to point out that as healthy of a lifestyle as you live, there are certain things about your body that you can’t change — nor should you have to!

Can we just say how touched by and proud of Anna we are?

In a world where Photoshop and social media filters reign supreme, we fully applaud the realistic message women are spreading to impressionable young women who are likely looking to them for inspiration.

Plus, Anna is 100 percent right about that dimply skin we seem to shy away from admitting we have. While mostly absent from advertisements, cellulite affects 90 percent of women and 10 percent of men. Really.

And we’re happy to say Anna isn’t the only popular Instagram account with a super-honest, body-positive owner. From pregnant women to fitness bloggers, the internet has become an amazing place of support for anyone who has wrestled with body image.

Thank you for continuing to shine a light on this, Anna! You are reminding the world that each and every one of us is beautiful — cellulite and all.