Credit: Carly Rowena /

Sometimes the world hands us some surprise Monday afternoon inspo just when we need it most. Case in point: fitness genius and real person Carly Rowena. With a few clenches of her insane tummy muscles, Carly reminds us of so many important little diddies.

Like how within all our beautiful bodies lies a powerhouse of muscle and bone and straight-up bad@$$ery, even when we’re just sitting on the couch or at a desk all day. And how even a woman whose job is to stay healthy and encourage others to do the same probably has days where even she needs help believing the inspirational messages she spreads. And that’s okay!

In the video (captioned “T R U T H”), Rowena demonstrates how much simply breathing in and out can drastically change the appearance of your mid-section. As she sucks in, each muscle pops and she looks like a total body builder. As she blows out, the cutest little belly appears. At a relaxed state, it’s somewhere right in the middle.

Under her post, she concludes that, as much as she loves social media for allowing her to reach out with messages of positivity and #fitnessgoals, there’s a side of social media that can also be harmful to our self-esteem and our views of our own bodies.

”There are many things I love about social media but one of the things I wish I could change is this obsession with being perfect,” she says.

In referencing her abs in the video, she mentions she’s wanted to post something like this for a long time to remind us that “you can pull it in, push it out, or relax, all looks are the same and neither one more healthy.”

Check out Carly Rowena’s incredibly inspiring Instagram and blog, where little reminders like this one are posted regularly. A little positivity goes a long away, and a daily dose of self-love is never, ever a bad thing. Thanks, Carly! 😉