Credit: @kaitlynr_fit

Here’s the thing we have to remember: Gaining weight isn’t a bad thing. And this fitness Instagrammer just explained why in the *best* way. Kaitlyn, aka @kaitlynr_fit, is a self-proclaimed bikini competitor and flexible dieter. With over 10k followers and upwards of 400 likes regularly on her posts, she’s clearly making an influence in the world of Instagram fitness and wellness. And we’re seriously loving her message of body positivity.

It’s not always easy to love your body, but it does help when you realize that the images you see on social media aren’t always real, and can be deceptive. We’re always here for debunking ideas of perfection, and spreading body love instead of body hate.

Kaitlyn explained that gaining weight isn’t a bad thing, explaining,

She continued, saying,

We love that she pointed out the difference for her body when she’s close to a competition versus her “normal” body. It’s so important that we understand that even competitors aren’t always as lean as they are during competition prep, and that we take those images with a grain of salt.

At the end of the day, we hope you remember that all bodies are good bodies. Weight gain isn’t evil, and your body is just fine the way it is.