Foodie Girl Fitness Body
Credit: Foodie Girl Fitness/

If there’s one thing we should all know by now is that social media doesn’t necessarily represent real life. However, it can sometimes be hard to separate the two, which is why we’re so impressed with this fitness blogger for sharing unflattering side-by-side pictures.

Ashlie Mostad is the brains behind Foodie Girl Fitness. She describes herself as a “31 year old fitness junkie who loves to eat” and, like, same, tbh, and she’s another blogger attempting to deconstruct the myth of social media and reality and help change the way that people feel about their bodies.

Well, Ashlie has shared a side-by-side picture of herself in a bid to show how the same body can vary in different situations and we applaud.

In the first picture, Ashlie can be seen with a toned stomach, muscular thighs and arms. However, the picture on the right shows off her belly rolls and all of the amazing and squishy parts that come when sitting down.

Continuing, Ashlie goes on to say that loving ourselves can be hard, but she wants to show that happiness comes by embracing who we actually are.

It’s inspiring to see people sharing pictures like this and helping throw out the concept that people are perfect. And we totally agree with Ashlie that it can be hard to remember to be kind to yourself, especially when confronted with so much negativity in the world and unrealistic expectations place upon us. However, as she says, it’s so important to remember to love ourselves. Body positivity for the win!