Social media can be a tool to get some positive reinforcement into your life… or a way to surround yourself with a lot of toxic messages. But more and more bloggers are taking a stand against the toxic messages that social media can bring to their followers. One fitness blogger, in particular, is taking it a step further by using Instagram posts to remind us that our “food babies” are perfectly normal.

Instagram fitness blogger saggysara, or Sara Puhto, uses her platform to educate her followers about fitness, eating, and general wellness. Previously, she has used side-by-side imagery to debunk misleading booty pics — which we love her for.

The IG post is a collage of Sara at three different times in the same 24-hour period. She took the first picture in the morning after working out, the second picture after eating a full dinner., and the third after working out again the next morning. As you can see, the shape and size of her stomach fluctuates.

In her caption, Sara writes:

Many people, especially young teens, go to social media to get validation or images of perfection to compare themselves to, when that can be incredibly harmful. Instead, we need more images of real bodies, imperfections and all, on our newsfeeds. So thank you, Sara!