Gina Florio
August 19, 2016 3:45 pm
Instagram/Chontel Duncan

People tend to forget that Instagram stars, celebrities, and fitness personalities are human beings at the end of the day. If you ever scroll through the comments that follow some famous people’s Insta pictures, you’ll see what we mean — especially when it comes to their bodies. People can be ruthless when it comes to judging how much people weigh, what they wear, and how they wear it. Chontel Duncan, fitness model, personal trainer, and Instagram boss (she’s got 575K followers!), got real on her last Insta post, reminding everyone that this is why it’s not always easy living in the spotlight.

You probably recognize Chontel from the viral photo of two pregnant moms.

In it, Chontel proves that no two pregnancies are alike, because every woman’s body is different. She also received a fair amount of backlash — social media followers told her she was putting her baby at risk by exercising so vigorously. Even then, Chontel had to fight back, stating that her body’s (and her baby’s) health was her priority. “I respect my body, I’m disciplined, I look after my health, and it was most certainly not to be a silly size zero,” the fitness star said.

And now, she writes, “Sometimes people forget that I am human….”

Although Chontel is clearly a strong woman, she’s known to have her vulnerable moments as well, which only makes her more lovable and relatable.

She wrote recently about her struggles trying on bikinis with her new body post-pregnancy. Without shaming herself, she admitted that it’s been hard to accept what she looks like now, because her body is just really different — and there’s nothing wrong with that.

With this last Insta post, though, Chontel wants her fans to know that she’s never going to be able to live up to everyone’s expectations.

“I read EVERY comment, private message & email… I am just one person & not super women… Sometimes I feel like there’s these crazy expectations but I am just one person & I feel like people forget that”

At the end, she tacked on the following hashtags: #NOHATE, #GOODVIBES, #FEELINGMEH, #WISHPEOPLEWEREMOREUNDERSTANDING. Can we also talk about how happy she looks with her beautiful son Jeremiah? Seriously, people, how could we not send her #goodvibes?

Almost too cute to handle.