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Although being fooled by fake Instagram accounts isn’t a new phenomenon, this is the first time we’ve seen it with a proper message. Louise Delage (@louise.delage) seemed to appear out of nowhere, instantly amassing over forty thousand followers and enough likes to make anybody jealous. She appears to have the sort of cookie-cutter, perfectly hipster-y and fashionable life that guarantees Instagram notoriety, so when you go through her photos, it’s not a huge surprise to see that she’s so popular. What was actually surprising was the big reveal that came from Paris ad agency BETC.

Louise Delage isn’t a real person — she’s an ad campaign intended to point out how difficult it can be to see when somebody you see all the time is struggling with addiction.

Their point is definitely well-made. Take a look at a few of her pictures, and see if you can notice what they have in common. (Now that we’ve pointed out that there’s something to look for, it’s fairly obvious, but imagine you’re coming at it with no context — then it just looks sort of… normal.)

Did you catch it? Almost every single photo on Louise Delage’s instagram shows her holding, drinking, or just near some kind of alcohol.

Teen Vogue reported that BETC called the project “Like My Addiction,” which kinda makes us uncomfortable, in a good way. The idea that we could be liking and validating photos of loved ones that covertly or otherwise show them struggling with addiction is truly chilling, and definitely makes us think.

BETC revealed their ploy with a truly discomfiting video. Check it out below!

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, please seek help immediately.