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Recent research from New York based firm Dstillery found that your gym must be either really close or really nice in order for you to use it on a regular basis. Using analysis from 7.5 million mobile devices at fitness locations across the country, they found that the closer you are to your gym, the more likely you are go. However, there was something even more important than distance that affected how often people went — how expensive the gym is.

Apparently, the nicer the amenities, the cleaner the space, and the more fitness classes available, the more likely Americans are to go to their gym. The research found that people were willing to go twice as far for more expensive gyms than they were the cheaper ones, and they were happy to make the trip at least a few times a week.

We couldn’t help but wonder how true this was. After all, so many of us are trying to keep our heads above water financially, so is it that worth it to dish out al that extra cash every month? Does paying more really make a difference in how often we exercise? HelloGiggles investigated by asking some everyday folks about their fitness regimens, and the answers weren’t as straightforward as you might think.

Here’s what 10 people have to say about how much they pay for their workout and why.

Jen, 27

Elaine, 35

Angela, 30

Kerry, 29

Laura, 27

Nabil, 27

Amy, 39

Sydney, 23

Mallori, 31

Sofia, 37