The empowering #DisabledandCute hashtag is rewriting the narrative about what disabilities look like

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You know those days when you wear a bomb outfit, do your hair and makeup perfectly, or just feel GD fabulous? Yeah, we do too. And when Keah Brown, a 25-year-old New York-based journalist, had one of those days, she posted about it on Twitter — and started a movement.

Brown has cerebral palsy, which can “affect a person’s posture, balance and ability to move, communicate, eat, sleep, and learn,” according to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, and it sometimes makes her feel insecure. So when she was having a particularly cute day, she posted some photos on Twitter with the hashtag #DisabledandCute — and it caught on right away.

“I wanted to show the world how great it felt to finally feel attractive,” Brown told HelloGiggles.

Since she first tweeted the hashtag over the weekend, users across social platforms have picked it up and run with it, sharing their own selfies and messages of self-love.

Others have shared photos of their friends and family members with disabilities, shouting out their loved ones.

The response has been “overwhelmingly positive and supportive,” says Brown. “As with most things, there were quite a few  [negative] ones, but I’ve chosen to ignore those.”

People across race, gender, and sexuality spectrums have contributed tweets and Instagram posts, and those with both visible and invisible disabilities have shared inspiring photos and messages.

Brown says it’s important to her to change the narrative about disabilities and disabled bodies because she’s “exhausted at seeing only the sad and depressed narratives and the only representation being a white person in a wheelchair.”

She adds,

“The disability community is full of different types of disabilities, different races of people with disabilities, sexual orientation and gender identities. It’s time that the conversation around and about disability shifts and the world sees that we are much more than they initially believed.”

We’re giving a standing ovation right now.

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