Trilby Beresford
February 16, 2017 10:44 am
Instagram/MJ Day

Although she has spent her childhood and much of her adult life on beaches, and produced the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for almost 20 years, editor MJ Day rarely wears a bathing suit.

BUT,  MJ Day posed in a bikini to promote the upcoming Swimsuits For All issue that highlights women of different shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds.

This is a big deal for Day, who described the experience as “equally terrifying and liberating” in her Insta post. Feeling comfortable in a swimsuit is not something that comes naturally to everyone, and she relates to the hesitation that so many of us have, or have had, about wearing them.

That’s why we’re so freaking proud that MJ took this leap, and that she’s encouraging others to do the same for the Women in Real Life campaign. Let’s check out the video she made (with her adorable son!):

Of course, she’s absolutely right. Loving ourselves and our bodies can feel so hard, but it’s so important. And we’re so incredibly glad that a person connected with such a high profile brand is spreading the word about this.

The Swimsuits For All issue highlights plus-size model Hunter McGrady and Sports Illustrated veteran Christie Brinkley, who is now 63, and both women are radiating positivity.

Feeling so much power from these women! Now let’s kill it with confidence.