Natalia Lusinski
Updated Apr 10, 2017 @ 2:32 pm

Good news, wine lovers! Science says drinking wine might make you smarter, reported Brit + Co, so go ahead and buy that bottle. We know — what?!?! We’ve talked about the health benefits of drinking Champagne before. And we’ve also told you all about drinking diet wine, aka skinny Prosecco. However, good old-fashioned wine is another story!

Think about that — more than any other human behavior.

Suffice it to say, so many different senses are at work — from sniffing wine to consuming it.

Sold! As for wine-drinking tips — in case you need some! — Shepherd suggests taking small sips instead of large ones, so you don’t saturate your system. He also told NPR that he prefers drinking European ones, as they have a slightly lower alcohol content, and that alcohol content is going up lately due to global warming, not down. Interesting!

Of course, this doesn’t mean drinking an excess amount — everything in moderation, right?

But it’s definitely good to know that we may be getting smarter when we have a glass of wine with dinner or at Happy Hour after work. We’ll drink to that!