If you don’t know where to start and could use some wise words about mental health, Demi Lovato has you covered.

As someone who herself has been straightforward about her challenges with addiction, eating disorders, and general challenges with mental health, the actress and singer got candid for New York Magazine about the advice she’d give to others who are trying to make sense of their mental health. And at the root, it’s a (physically) simple concept.

At its core, her advice is simple. Just talk about it.

But obviously, this is way easier said than done.

Demi — who is the spokesperson for Be Vocal, an organization “encouraging people across America to use their voice in support of mental health” — recently executive produced a new documentary called Beyond Silence, which you can watch for free online, that focuses on mental health.

The documentary stars three individuals who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder, chronicling their similarities and differences — and importantly, being candid about the realities of living with a mental illness.

Demi continues to be encouraging of those who are seeking answers and learning to cope with their diagnoses, insisting that communication is key to living your best life.

We are so happy Demi is such a powerful voice in this cause that is so close to her, and are going to be applauding for a long time about how positive, honest, and supportive she is to those going through similar struggles.

We <3 you Demi. Thank you for taking deliberate strides toward spreading awareness about such an important subject.