Maria Sol
Updated September 15, 2016 8:57 am
DCLOLW 2016 - Photo by Devon Bergqvis

When I was eight, I begged my mom to enroll me in martial arts, but it didn’t happen. I grew up obsessed with Jean Claude Van Damme, Bruce Lee, and WWE — but I had no outlet for all that raw, adrenaline-infused aggressive energy with which every child is blessed — regardless of gender.

Only in DCLOLW would you see a wrestling move that includes an exploding chicken
DCLOLW 2016 - Michael MacLean

Years later, I am dressed as a 102-year-old Sicilian grandma, and getting slammed on the ropes by a frostbite-toed figure skater while an ecstatic crowd cheers. There are feathers flying everywhere, courtesy of a Romanian gangster ‘s chicken bomb, and they are sticking to my fake-blood-and-whiskey-covered clothes.

This is the Dawson City League of Lady Wrestlers.

Sour Toe Bo puts Ramona the Bucharest Brawler in a toe-jam
DCLOLW 2016 - Michael MacLean

An outlandish project that originated in a tiny goldrush town up in the Yukon, the Dawson City League of Lady Wrestlers (or DCLOLW) is an arts collective that combines wrestling and theatrics, delivering outrageous entertainment with a feminist message.

Borrowing inspiration from female wrestling pioneers like the amazing G.L.O.W. (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), DCLOLW features larger-than-life characters: a shrieking swamp witch that lures men to their doom, a zealous Reverend bent on evangelizing the feminism out of you, and a short-tempered lumberjack that now is a corporate sellout.

Shreeka and her "swamp bottoms" left a trail of mud and algae on the ring and in everyone's hearts
DCLOLW 2016 - Michael MacLean

They also DIY their own ADORABLE merchandising!

DCLOLW - Peabody's Photo Parlor

Lady wrestling fever has now spread from East to West into sister chapters, putting on sold-out shows where audiences get to be shocked, amused, and sometimes splashed by their hometown’s brawlers.

Toast Her just got the crumbs shaken out of her by Shreeka
DCLOLW 2016 - Photo by Michael MacLean -
Photo by - Maria Sol Suarez Martinez

One of the League’s founding members, Yasmine Renaud (aka Rev. Annie Goodfellow) gets a kick out of shocking the audiences. She says:

Anita Pad riding her "Menscycle"
DCLOLW 2016 - Photo by Devon Bergqvist
Janet Orial is taking the trash. This is the Lunch Lady's last supper.
DCLOLW 2016 - Michael MacLean

But the reach of this project goes beyond entertaining.

DCLOLW also acts as an older sister to Yukon Girls Rock Camp, part of the Rock Camp Alliance that helps girls build self-esteem and find their voices through music, leadership, and social justice workshops. Many of the DCLOLW wrestlers are also camp counselors, providing a kickass role model of self-sufficiency, DIY power, and sisterhood to young girls that look up to them.

Renaud elaborates:

So whether they are tumbling on the ring or putting patriarchy in a choke-hold, these Lady Wrestlers never run away from a good fight.