To say it’s officially pumpkin spice season is an understatement. We may be just around the corner from the season of everything pumpkin and spice, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t already been inundated with pumpkin spice drinks, treats, and now…cough drops? Yes, pumpkin spice cough drops are a real thing — thanks to CVS Pharmacy, which is rolling out its new flavor in-store.

Besides bringing autumn flavors, fall weather also brings allergies, seasonal sickness, and everyone’s favorite: the flu. So, while this may seem like an unexpected twist, it is kind of genius. Is this the answer to our prayers of having everything pumpkin flavored?

While this flavor may come as a surprise, CVS is no stranger to the weird cough drop flavor game.

Besides this season’s pumpkin spice-flavored lozenges, CVS has also had root beer cough drops. But pumpkin spice feels a little bit stranger than that, doesn’t it? The pumpkin spice cough drops have been labeled a “menthol cough suppressant,” which isn’t necessarily the tastiest sounding combination alongside pumpkin.

But when you’re sick, you’re sick, right? false

In a world where cough syrup Kit Kats and pumpkin spice deodorant exist, we just have one question: Is this too far, or just far enough?

The pumpkin spice flavor is limited edition, so if you’re feeling daring, and just happen to get sick this season, you may want to snatch some before they’re gone.

We’re sure of one thing — these lozenges are an experience you’ll remember.