Crown Princess Victoria Of Sweden Attends the Royal Patriotic Society's Annual Event

We live for moments when influencers, like Crown Princess Victoria, open up about past trials to inspire others. One of our favorite redemption stories comes to us from across the pond, and it’s all that and then some. In an interview for a documentary chronicling her life, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden revealed that she struggled with an eating disorder in her teenage years.

We can bet it took a lot for the royal to chat about this trying time. But, we can also bet that by opening up, she’s going to have huge impact on those trying to overcome the same obstacle.

The Swedish TV4 doc, which is set to be released this summer, Crown Princess Victoria talks of how her eating disorder affected her life.


The Crown Princess of Sweden had a lot going in the late ’90s, including preparations to attend Sweden’s Uppsala University. But lucky for the princess, she had the support of her parents King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia to lean on. Together they all decided that it’d be best for her to take some time off to regroup away from home. And so the royal ventured off to the United States to gather her bearings before continuing on with her studies.

But according to People, this experience wasn’t entirely bleak for the princess. In fact, Crown Princess Victoria ended up connecting with Prince Daniel.

Credit: Gisela Schober/Getty Images

In 2002, the royal bumped into the former personal trainer while hitting the gym in sessions suggested by her physician, and now the two are happily wed!

Goes to show with every obstacle, comes great reward. Today, the princess is happy, healthy and in a positive space. And we’re so grateful that she’s willing to share her powerful story with others.