Credit: Pexels

In the latest beauty trend that NONE of us should try: people are apparently using Coca-Cola as tanning oil, and this is not a good idea, guys!

According to, the trend entails coating one’s body in Coca-Cola before heading out into the sun, with the idea that it will give you a “deeper” tan. And while this practice might make you look *temporarily* darker (because coke contains caramel-colored dye), it is definitely NOT good for you and your skin. Remember, coke has zero SPF (because…it’s a drink), meaning you’re heading outside with literally zero protection from harmful UV rays.

Dr. Mona Gohara wrote about the trend for Fitness Magazine, writing, “As a dermatologist, I can really only say one thing. BAG IT. Besides the fact that it is gross and sticky (do you want flies with that burn?), it’s also a one-way ticket to developing cancer and wrinkles.”

Gohara went on to remind us that, “no tan is a good tan when it comes to skin health,” and implored us to use products with high SPFs.

If you’re looking for that golden bronzed look, try some good quality bottle tans, like Jergens Natural Glow products or Kiehl’s Sun Free Self-Tanning Formula. Or go here for a list of all the best sunless tanners.

Trust us, your skin will thank you!