Kenya Foy
Updated Feb 27, 2017 @ 4:03 pm
finger tip sweating

Having sweaty hands is an unpleasant experience for multiple reasons, but we find ourselves completely mesmerized by this close-up view of a fingertip sweating. And we cannot tell a lie: We’re also low-key grossed out by this way-too-close look at sweat gushing forth from glands (which weirdly reminds us of aloe vera juice being squeezed from a plant). However, this doesn’t take away from our unapologetic love letter to sweaty women.

Like, continue to embrace the sweat, and don’t let anyone shame you into feeling bad for those pesky dots of perspiration that leave your hands drenched at THE most inconvenient of times (like when you’re shaking hands with a stranger). We’ve all been there, and to make you feel better about those clammy hands, this video really does make sweating look way cooler than it is.

Ugh, that is the wrong attitude to have, missy. As we all know, sweating is a natural process that helps the body cool down, and according to Selena Gomez, perspiring in a “sweat bed” leaves you with marvelous skin, which is enough to sell us on the obvious importance of experiencing that soggy sensation every once in a while.

So, to help you see perspiration from a new perspective, this Timelapse Vision video starts out with an individual human palm facing up, then the camera zooms all the way in to the tip of a single digit, and that’s when the magic happens:

Amazing! Perspiration is not only natural, but it’s actually interesting to witness up close, but *please* don’t mistake that as an open invitation to come and get a better look at our sweat bead formation.