Toria Sheffield
February 07, 2017 7:43 am

Christie Brinkely is basically synonymous with “lady who CRUSHED the modeling world.” And it turns out she’s still going hella strong: Brinkley just posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 63 years old!

Can we get a WHAT WHAT!

Brinkley posed with her daughters, Alexa and Sailor, and our minds are legitimately blown over how amazing she looks. The trio each wore a variation of a black stringed bathing suit, with mom in a one-piece and daughters in individualized bikinis. And because Brinkley is such a queen, the magazine editors made it so she literally looks like she’s walking on water. And we’re here for it. Here’s the sneak peak she posted on her Insta account:

In case you missed it, Brinkely wrote,

YES! A MILLION TIMES YES! We’re loving Brinkley’s age and body positive message (also, we genuinely were fascinated to discover that she was just standing on an apple box to make the above walking-on-water illusion work. Who’da thunk?).

Mature women are woefully underrepresented in television, movies, and magazines, and any project or medium that helps fight against this disheartening norm is a win in our book.

Brinkley appears to be living life to the fullest and embracing each year with positivity and enthusiasm. We plan to keep this healthy and beautiful attitude in mind as the years go by, and hopefully will be taking a page out of her book.

Wishing Christie many more years of health, happiness, and hopefully, Sports Illustrated shoots.