Credit: Getty Images/ Kevin Mazur

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are one of our favorite celebrity couples for so many reasons! For one, they’re hilarious. They seem SO in love, and they’re very real with fans — especially when it comes to parenting. While Teigen and Legend are amazing parents to baby Luna, they’ve been very open about their struggles conceive.

Teigen was recently on the red carpet for the Producer’s Guild Awards where she was asked by Entertainment Tonight about her plans to have another child. Stating she wants to have another child relatively soon, Teigen added that the next baby would definitely be a boy. When people on Twitter attempted to chide Teigen for choosing sex of her baby, she clearly had no time for their judgement.

She tweeted:

Unfortunately, one Twitter user couldn’t let it go and asked Teigen why she won’t try to get pregnant “the natural way.” Obviously, being one of our Twitter heroes, Teigen completely shut her down.

What’s incredibly frustrating about this situation is that Teigen and Legend have been so open about the emotional weight of struggling to conceive and the difficulty of in vitro fertilization. In 2015, on her former show, FABLife, Teigen opened up about the experience. She said,

While we’re bummed some individuals have rudely questioned Teigen’s method of becoming pregnant (which is totally her decision alone!), we’re also so glad that Teigen and Legend have been so open about their experience Talking about fertility struggles and IVF not only reduces the stigma of not being able to conceive naturally, it also helps people going through the same situation realize see that they’re not alone.