On plenty of occasions, I’ve thought twice about posting a photo to social media because I thought my body looked “bad” in some way. I’m definitely not alone, and that’s why #CelluliteSaturday is the new body-positive Instagram trend that everyone should check out STAT. Kenzie Brenna, a body activist who’s in recovery from body dysmorphic disorder, started the movement in order to fight the misconception that cellulite is unhealthy and should be hidden at all costs.

Brenna didn’t always embrace her cellulite. In an interview with SELF, the 26-year-old said that she used to spend hours attempting to get rid of it by using anti-cellulite creams, taking Epsom salt baths, and foam rolling the parts of her body that were affected by cellulite. Fed up with feeling insecure about her body, Brenna chose to embrace it.

Although she was understandably nervous about her first post, Brenna received an outpouring of messages that proved the importance of the trend. Women told her it helped them feel more comfortable in their own skin — and one woman even wore shorts for the first time because Brenna’s photo encouraged her to embrace her body.

Based on the reactions she’s received, this social media trend has already made a strong impact on many women who struggle to love their bodies as they are.