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Updated Aug 21, 2016 @ 1:12 pm
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There are millions of books about what to expect when you are expecting — not to mention the actual book by that title so you know it’s true — but not a lot of books are talking about the proper way to exercise while pregnant. This is were celeb trainer Anna Kaiser comes in. She shares the most important info about working out during a pregnancy. And from the looks of the video below — she’s not messing around! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ln87FBZUh6Q

Many people think that once a woman is pregnant,she shouldn’t work out. But Anna Kaiser is in complete opposition. She says that it’s important to keep active in order to combat those nauseous and bloated stages that come in the first trimester. If you were very active prior to the pregnancy there should not be a reason to suddenly stop.

Tip #1 – Strength Training Is Your Friend

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Anna Kaiser found that using slightly heavier weights with less reps actually improved her moods and overall feeling while working out. Obviously you want to be conscience of your limitations but upping the weights is totally Kosher.

Tip #2 – Working Out In The Morning Is Key

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By getting up and working out in the morning you set yourself up for a better day. Being pregnant is hard — morning sickness and all that included. By exercising in the morning you might just be getting ahead of the whole thing.

Tip #3 – Do Not Try Something New

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You might think that being pregnant means trying something new, but Anna recommends sticking to what you know. By being aware of how your body usually responds to the workouts you can monitor how your new pregnant body feels.

These are just some of the tips that Anna gives in her interview with People. Just remember that you are a beautiful flower and exercising is just fertilizer.