Bronwyn Isaac
March 16, 2018 10:44 am
Casper / Anna Buckley

Creating the ideal sleeping environment is an involved process no matter what. But building the ideal bed takes an extra dose of consideration and research when you suffer from any form of chronic pain. When positioned incorrectly, the hours we spend dreaming can take a heavy toll on our spinal chord, neck, and really, any aching body part that’s not being properly supported.

Due to my scoliosis (a fancy way to say my back is crooked), my neck and back have suffered a low-level of chronic pain for a few years. My transportation method includes lots of cramped trains, and my freelance work status means I routinely haul around a heavy laptop, so when it comes to pain management and injury prevention, I have to do a little extra legwork.

Admittedly, because of my financial situation, I haven’t been able to invest in quality bedding in the past. I’ve slept on everything from crumpled up piles of clothes (don’t tell my mom) to flimsy $50 mattresses, so when Casper offered an opportunity to try their Casper Mattress with Zoned Support I fully freaked out. Was I finally being given the opportunity to create the perfect bedding situation for my creaky body?! Yes, I was, and there was no way in hell I’d pass that up. Casper mattress start at $595 for a Twin, and go up to $1195 for a CAL King.

I feel that I also should mention there is now a newly opened IRL Casper Sleep Shop in NYC! The sleep shop has six little curated Casper homes where you can test bedding and even take a baby nap, so if you’re in the NYC area and need a mattress, visiting the NOHO location might be a fun option.

After the initial shock and awe passed over my chronically pained body, I realized you really can’t create the ideal bedding situation for pain without a high-quality pillow. This is where Snuggle-pedic came to the rescue with the Bamboo Memory Foam pillow.

Once I secured both my new mattress and pillow, I knew I’d be ready to share my findings with the world.

Behold, my beautiful new bedding.

Courtesy of Bronwyn Isaac

Before showing you the pure decadence of a fully made bed, I wanted to give you a look at the pristine and clean new Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Pillow and the Casper Mattress with Zoned Support. I will qualify, before continuing my review, that I was not obligated to write positive affirmations about either brand. All of the thoughts in this review genuinely belong to me (and my horrendous neck and back).

Look at this beautiful, perfectly built bed.

Courtesy of Bronwyn Isaac

Okay, the blanket is a little messy, but that’s true to life. It should be noted, I received the mattress and pillow three weeks before writing this. I knew I needed a substantial amount of testing time to make a true assessment about whether high-quality bedding actually affects my pain levels. The purple top pillow is the Snuggle-pedic, I placed it on top of another cheap, sallow pillow because I like to elevate my head fairly high.

The pillow itself comes with a zipper so customers can remove and adjust the level of stuffing according to their needs. The inside is stuffed with a combination of V.O.C. Biogreen memory foam and CertiPUR-US certified foam, so you don’t have to worry about getting down feathers all over your room. The outside of the pillow is made from breathable Bamboo. The pillow itself comes with a 20-year warranty, and customers are encouraged to reach out with any issues, or if you need extra stuffing.

Likewise, the Casper came with a 10-year warranty, so were I to encounter an issue, I have until 2028 to air my grievances. The Zoned Support mattress was the ideal design for testing pain levels, since it was specifically designed with four layers of foam that adjust to the curves of your spine. The layers include open-cell foam, responsive memory foam, durable support foam, and 1.5 zoned support layer that is specifically targeted to support your hips, shoulders, and core.

Here’s what my sleeping experience was like.

Courtesy of Bronwyn Isaac

Full disclosure: I had my roommate take this photo of me pretending to sleep. Luckily, no one in my life is creepy enough to take pictures of me while I’m truly sleeping. The first thing I was surprised by, when using this bedding, was how firm both the mattress and pillow were. Don’t get me wrong, they are both incredibly comfortable, but I think my lizard brain assumed that anything good for my back would feel like a bed full of pudding. Quite the contrary, I found both create a foundation of firmness, with the flexibility for softness. Personally, I opted not to remove any stuffing from my Snuggle-pedic, I liked it as is. Because of my neck issues, I find I wake up more refreshed if I sleep with my head well elevated. The generously stuffed pillow bode well to that!

Look at how cute my roommate’s dog Tilly is.

If she looks blurry, it’s only because she was SO excited to join me for this photoshoot.

Courtesy of Bronwyn Isaac

Before getting this bedding, it was pretty normal for me to wake up with a shot of pain in the middle of my neck, and some humming lower-back pain. One of my favorite aspects of the mattress is how slowly it conforms to my body. Unlike some of the memory foam toppers I’ve tried, you don’t climb onto your Casper and immediately feel your body sink deep (that tends to worsen my neck pain). Instead, it’s a slow shape-change, which I think makes all the difference.

So, DID my swag bedding help with my pain?

Courtesy of Bronwyn Isaac

My consensus after three weeks?! Yes, it did. During the first week I didn’t notice an immediate change. I was still waking up with a bit of a crank in my neck and a hum in my back. But somewhere around the 10-day mark I started to notice my pain lessening, it was easier for me to fall and STAY asleep on my back (rather then waking up on my stomach). The pillow is solid (but soft) enough I didn’t wake up with half the stuffing crumpled on one hide, while my neck screamed in pain. Even when I toss and turn on my side, the mattress conforms to my body enough I haven’t woken up with bad pain in over a week. Has it completely fixed my pain altogether? No, but I’d say that’s a pretty tall order for a bed. I still feel hums and cranks here and there due to my chronic backpack habit, and the reverse-yoga required to take New York trains. However, this bedding situation has greatly lessened my daily, morning pain, and I’ll chalk that up as a huge win.

If you’re currently looking to upgrade your bed situation, and you have the cash, I’d definitely advocate that you check out Casper and Snuggle-pedic on your dream bed journey.