Cara Delevingne
Credit: Getty Images / Karwai Tang

According to an article published by the The Sun, a U.K. news website, Cara Delevingne wasn’t invited back to walk in the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show because the former model supposedly looked “bloated.” According to the Sun, Delevingne “was called bloated” during the 2014 Victoria’s Secret casting call. The article (originally posted October 30th) has since been taken down.

Delevingne received a letter from Edward Razek, Victoria’s Secret CMO and executive producer of the annual Fashion Show, disproving the allegations made by the Sun. The model, who walked for the previous two Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows, posted Razek’s letter on her Instagram.

Her caption reads, “It’s shameless to discuss women’s bodies just to sell papers.”

Amen, sister.

In his letter, Razek explains that in actuality, Delevingne was the first model invited to walk. “Victoria’s Secret made every effort to have you in the London show,” he writes.”I know, because I was the one making the effort.”

Credit: Getty Images / Randy Brooke

Delevingne was forced to turn down Razek’s invitation due to the fact she was filming Paper Towns at that time. Razek regrets her absence stating, “You would have made the show better, as you do anything and everything you’re involved in.”

Razek concludes his letter with, “So allow me to extend the invitation once again. If you’re free on November 30, please join us in Paris. As always, we’d love to have you. No casting necessary!”

Credit: Getty Images / Kevin Mazur

In 2015, Delevingne revealed to London’s The Times Magazine that she won’t be participating in the fashion industry anymore. It made the former model hate her body. In light of these recent false reporting, we totally understand how one could get very sick of the constant scrutinization.

We’re not only proud of Cara for sticking up for herself in this recent situation, but also for standing up to the fashion industry by exposing the body shaming that is still alive and well within it. The more exposure the subject of fashion industry body shaming gets, the demand for change will get louder and louder.