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Headaches suck. They arrive at inopportune moments, sometimes chronically, which leads us to scramble for some relief. However, if your headaches seem to get worse and worse, they could be a symptom of something much more serious.

According to SELF, severe headaches can be a common symptom of a brain tumor. But before you run off to the doctor about your aches and pains, there’s more to it!

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And, according to Manmeet Ahluwalia, M.D., headaches “associated with brain tumors are often more intense in the early morning or at night because your brain experiences an increase in pressure while you sleep.” So pay attention WHEN you get your headache.

While headaches are a major symptom of a tumor, other symptoms, such as seizures, hearing or vision loss, or loss of control over your body are others that you may need to be on the look out for. Every body is different, so do. Not. Freak. Out. if you’re experiencing headaches. You could also, well, be dehydrated.

Plus, if headaches are your only symptom, you might be in the clear. Though it could be nothing at all, it doesn’t hurt to see a medical professional to be more safe than sorry!