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Credit: @bampowlife

If you need more body positive podcasts in your life (though, seriously, who couldn’t use more body posi vibes?!), we’ve got you covered! Introducing the one body positivity website you need to stay in love with yourself, because we can all use a little more self love.

Meet Bam Pow Love, the body positivity website we didn’t know we needed but are WAY glad to have. It’s just that incredible!

The website was created by body positive enthusiast and fat activist Victoria Welsby, a major #GirlBoss full of wisdom and amazing advice. The website hosts The Confidence Podcast Carnival, which includes nine podcasts that are all about finding new and better ways to love yourself.

The series, hosted by Welsby, includes the voices of a diverse array of folks including Virgie Tovar, Jes Baker, Marie Southard Ospina, Alysse Dalessandro, Melissa A Fabello, Melissa Gibson, Ushshi Rahman, Adiba Nelson and Michelle Elman. Yeah, there are probably more than a few names on that list you recognize! You can see why we’re so freakin’ thrilled about this.

You can even take this one step further by joining the Confidence Warrior Bootcamp, a virtual training to help improve your confidence. Yeah, we dig this.

And the participants are beyond pumped about this collab. Marie Southard Ospina told Bustle,

We couldn’t agree more. Definitely head over to The Confidence Podcast Carnival and hear what these incredible people have to say about body positivity!