Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Dec 14, 2016 @ 4:53 pm
Credit: Superfit Hero / https://www.facebook.com/superfithero/photos/a.324060647796776.1073741830.304520923084082/423704611165712/?type=1&theater

If fitness, fashion, and feminism are your jam, get ready to freak TF out, because this body-positive workout line is an actual dream come true. Meet Superfit Hero, a size-inclusive workout line that creates comfy, stylish workout clothing for *everyone*.But that’s not all. They also encourage a sense of support and empowerment that makes it an incredible place to find workout clothes you’ll actually like wearing. It’ll have you screaming finally!

1The body positive workout line Superfit hero is all about inclusion.

According to Micki Krimmel, the creator of Superfit Hero, this is what the brand is all about:

Our hearts are *so* full right now.

2Their leggings have POCKETS.

Yes, really. ACTUAL, USABLE POCKETS. It’s the day we’ve been waiting for for *ages* and we’re so excited!

Credit: Superfit Hero

You can get the Superfit Leggings for $98! Buy them here.

3Remember that inclusion we mentioned? It’s actual inclusion.

As Krimmel explains,

Yes, yes, and yes.

4They have an entire line dedicated to feminism.

And it’s an actual dream come true.

Credit: Superfit Hero

How rad is that hoodie? You can get it here for $69.

5Plus, Olympic medalist Sarah Robles rocks their clothes! We’re fangirling.

We’re so thrilled to live in a world where a feminist, inclusive body-positive workout line exists!