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We can all always use a little more good, body positive vibes in our lives. Well, more like a lot. Nothing makes us happier than a body-positive Instagrammer, and we’re so pleased that body positivity has swept ~the net~ with such success. One Instagrammer is @plankingforpizza, aka Jess, certified life coach and all around amazing person. With nearly 130,000 followers and a thousands of likes on every photo, Jess is quite the force on Instagram, and we couldn’t love her more. And after you read this AH-MAZING body positive tummy piece she shared, you’ll love her too.

Jess wrote,

Like, heck yeah, lady! She continued, saying,

We’re seriously tearing up over here, and cheering like no other. We have all of the feels, you guys.

And the final cheering goes out to this beautiful ending. She said,

HOW AMAZING IS SHE? So amazing. Seriously, we’re so grateful to this body positive ode, and we’re gonna re-visit it whenever we’re being mean to our own tums. Because all tummies are good tummies.