Credit: Sara Puhto /

Before-and-after transformation photos can be deceiving, often leaving viewers feeling like they’ll never achieve their fitness goals. But one body-positive model shared a side-by-side beach body photo of herself that shows just how much angles, lighting, and even clothing can affect the way your body looks on camera — and how a “transformation” can take mere moments.

Sara Puhto, better known as @saggysara on Instagram, shared two snaps of herself in a bikini top and shorts taken seconds apart on a recent trip to Singapore. She did so to prove a point about how unnerving those perfectly-posed bikini beach shots can be when you’re casually scrolling through IG.

“The photo on the left is what I look like relaxed and not posing, basically how I look 99% of the time in a bikini! And the one on the right is how I look in good lighting, flexed and posing,” she wrote.

Sound advice!

Puhto often shares side-by-side photos like this one to shatter different body illusions. The one below demonstrates how the body changes throughout the day, especially after a big meal.

And this one proves that the size of your clothing has nothing to do with your health or fitness.

We love Puhto’s simple-but-reassuring message and hope she continues to share photos from her self-love journey!